Faces of History is a brand offshoot of the 3D Printed Debris project.


In the beginning, there was a single printer. A Velleman K8200 I bought to tinker around with and see what all the fuss was about with RepRap and the 3D Printing movement. In late 2014, I spent 2 weeks and 200+ parts/wires/connections getting that thing to even print, let alone do it well. I'll never forget my wife's look of bewilderment when after a week of tuning and calibration I had finally produced.... a cube.

To all that have supported us through the years: From the bottom of all our hearts, THANK YOU!!!


We are passionate about bringing you products with best quality at reasonable rates.  We use only the highest quality materials and machines to ensure colors are vibrant and defects are kept to an absolute minimum, thus capturing magnificent detail without sacrificing durability. We strive to source and make all of our products in the USA, and we find new and environmentally responsible ways to repurpose, recycle, or reuse our waste streams to limit our impact on the environment; while we desire for our products to last to the end of time, our mistakes shouldn't. 


Our items are 3D Printed and are made to order as the order comes in.  All items are test printed and checked for aesthetics and its intended use.  We want you to get our very best work, which you will find is a cut above the rest. If it doesn’t meet our stringent standards, it doesn’t ship.  However, the process in 3D printing involves laying down thousands of successive thin layers of material to complete the model and every final product may have an imperfection on its own like rough edges, thin lines, and bumps. While the technology in use creates beautiful work, it still isn't 100% perfect.


  • Derek J. Kirkendall - Owner, Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • Kim Kirkendall - Shipping Manager, Historian
  • Joshua Rozas - Site 2 Operator and interim Chief of Operations
  • Kat Rozas - Administrative Assistant
  • Mycah Brown - 3D Printer Technician
  • Luther Berry - 3D Portrait Artist
  • Thijs DeVries - 3D Portrait Artist, see his other work at www.devriesarts.com